Kebba Sonko


I am not a musical composer but a creator. I was born and grew up with rhythm and music, therefore to create rhythm and music is necessary for me. I create rhythm without thinking of it just like in the nature. The following cannot accord without rhythm: wave, wing, an earth-quake, volcano and rain. Like the nature I can't live without rhythm because my whole body is rhythmically created.


I am not a singer but I have uncountable songs and I love to sing as well. After a failed disc-operation in year 97, my left vocal cord is affected, which makes it impossible for me to sing in the way I want to. Despite this, I find ways of using my voice in order to sing, since stopping singing is out of the question for me. I love to use my voice because it's one of the musical instrument I admire most.

Vocal music is an important part of my career, not only as a performer, leader and a teacher but also for therapy.

I give lessons in my own songs in Swedish and Mandinka.

Dancer and players